Choosing A Bathroom Design That Fits Your Needs – The bathroom is an important part of a house. The bathroom is a place to clean yourself, especially after activities outside the home. Because it is always used every day, the bathroom must be clean. To suit your needs, you can adjust the design of the bathroom when building a house.

The bathroom must be built with a design that is in accordance with the principles of health. The goal is that the room is safe and comfortable to use by residents of the house. Well, to help you build or renovate a bathroom area, don’t forget to pay attention to the guide

Bathroom Design Guide

A good bathroom is not only seen from the model, but whether it is in accordance with health principles. So, what should you pay attention to?

Separate Wet And Dry Areas

In a bathroom designed in a modern style, there is a wet area and a dry area. The wet area is for bathing activities, while the dry area is for the toilet and sink. Separating these two areas in the bathroom is very important because it relates to health.

The goal is for cleanliness. Wet areas need to be cleaned more thoroughly as they are more humid. Meanwhile, dry areas are usually problematic with dust. Both have the potential to cause a buildup of bacteria that interferes with health.

However, how to clean wet and dry areas is different. In wet areas, you may need to use a cleaning solution that kills germs and removes stains. For dry areas, you only need to regularly wipe and clean the dust.

Don’t Neglect Ventilation

There are still bathrooms that have no ventilation or air ducts. In fact, the function of ventilation in a room is very important, namely to facilitate air circulation. If the air in the bathroom is not smooth, this can affect health. Dirty air is not replaced with healthy air.

Keep in mind that breathing clean air is very important. The benefits of clean air are to maintain immunity, improve heart health, increase brain intelligence, and so on. If the bathroom is not ventilated, clean air is difficult to enter. The ventilation factor needs to be considered when buying a second home.

Have Natural Lighting

When designing a bathroom, one of the principles that need to be applied is natural lighting. A healthy bathroom should be arranged in such a way that it is illuminated by sunlight from outside.

Sunlight will save energy use because it can illuminate the room during the day. In addition, sunlight can kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms that live in this humid room. With the heat from the sun, the humidity in the bathroom can be reduced.

In addition, sunlight is also beneficial for humans, namely making a better mood. Therefore, if you want to be more enthusiastic in your activities, bask in the sun for a while. It would be even better if the bathroom was also designed to get light during the day.

Don’t Hang Clothes

Do you often hang used clothes in the bathroom? This habit is done by some people, especially after traveling from outside. Even though hanging used clothes can attract mosquitoes and make the room more humid.

In addition, hanging clothes in the bathroom will reduce the aesthetic element. The solution is to provide a used clothes basket outside the bathroom. If still in use, immediately take the clothes to their proper hangers.

Prioritize The Safety Factor

In designing a bathroom design, you must prioritize the safety factor. The reason is, there are several cases of accidents that occur in the bathroom. This is usually caused by a floor that is too slippery, especially when exposed to water.

To avoid this, you need to use non-slippery materials, such as ceramics specially designed for bathrooms. The texture is usually coarser even when exposed to water. This can be changed when you do home renovations.

In addition, you can also install additional safety features in the bathroom, such as handrails. If there are elderly residents of the house, this additional feature really needs to be installed.

Bathroom Design Ideas

What is your dream bathroom design like? Generally, the bathroom is equipped with a toilet and a container to hold water. However, in modern bathrooms, the container is replaced with a shower. In addition, you can also add a bathtub and sink. Well, here are a number of bathroom design ideas that can be imitated.

Wooden Bathroom

The bathroom can be designed to give a natural impression. One way is to use wood to build a bathroom. Wood gives a natural and strong impression.

Wood can be applied on the bathroom wall or on the floor. As a result, a minimalist bathroom will look more classy. To make the bathroom look more harmonious, add tropical-style decorations to the interior, such as baskets and bamboo chandeliers.

Minimalist Bathroom

The minimalist model is suitable for a narrow bathroom. Due to limited land, the bathroom must be designed in such a way that it still looks attractive. One of the tips that can be done is to choose a shower that is simple so that it saves space.

Another trick that can be tried is placing the shower cubicle in the corner of the bathroom. Thus, there is still more room for decoration so that the room is not boring.

In order for a minimalist bathroom to feel more spacious, avoid ceramics with busy patterns. Instead, use a lighter paint to create a looser feel. Lighting factors can also affect this.

Modern Bathroom

The bathroom model that is favored today is a modern style bathroom. The bathroom serves to clean yourself as well as a place of relaxation.

To realize a bathroom like this, you can adjust the use of ceramics on the floor and walls. Use colors and patterns that match so that it looks beautiful. The modern bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, washbasin, mirror and bidet.

Japanese-Style Bathroom

Want to have a bathroom with a unique design than the usual one? You can try a Japanese-style bathroom design. The Japanese-style interior looks distinctive and creates a calming atmosphere.

Many luxury hotels and accommodations often apply the Japanese bathroom model because it displays a peaceful feel. Moreover, if the residence also has a similar design, this choice makes more sense.

The most important key of Japanese bathroom design is natural wood elements. In addition, the bathroom is arranged in a minimalist and simple way. The colors used are usually muted colors or tend to be dark.

How To Optimize The Function Of The Bathroom

Do you already have a pretty good bathroom, but its function is not optimal? There are a number of things that could be done to make this room better put to use.

Pay Attention To The Location Of The Sink

The sink is one part of the modern style bathroom. Its function is to wash hands. In order not to interfere with access in and out, the position of the sink must be designed far enough from the bathroom door.

The position of the sink must also be in the right place so that it does not take up space. Do not let the presence of a sink actually reduce the flexibility of bathroom users. Place the sink in a dry area so you can use it easily without getting your feet wet.

Don’t Force The Bathtub

The existence of a bathtub makes the bathing experience different. You can soak in warm water and enjoy relaxing moments in the bathtub. This element also makes the bathroom look more elegant and luxurious.

However, don’t force this element in your bathroom if the area is not much. The size of the bathtub is generally quite large so it takes up space. If the bathroom space is narrow, bathing activities will be more limited and uncomfortable.

Instead, you can install a simple shower. This tool is very useful to save space. With a shower, you don’t need to prepare a container to hold the water you use to clean yourself.

Install A Mirror In The Bathroom

Although it looks trivial, the role of the mirror in the bathroom is very important. First, the mirror will help you while cleaning yourself. Likewise, if you are the type of person who likes to make arrangements in the bathroom.

In addition, another function is to make the bathroom area wider. Mirrors that have the property of reflecting light will create a different sensation. Place the mirror at the top of the sink with a size that is not too small or too large.

Provide Storage

When cleaning yourself, you certainly need to bring towels and a change of clothes. Well, don’t forget to attach a hanger that can be used to put towels. In addition, you can also design a special place, for example a shelf on the bathroom wall.

Not only for storing towels or clothes, storage areas are also needed for toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and so on. Make sure this place is easily accessible and easy to clean at any time.

Arrange Creatively

The bathroom is not a room that can be exhibited. However, this room should not be ignored. A comfortable bathroom will certainly make residents more diligent to maintain personal hygiene.

In arranging the bathroom, it takes its own creativity. Because the size is usually not too large, the arrangement must combine elements of color, material, and lighting well. In addition, placing enough decorations is not wrong.

Place Green Plants

Want the bathroom to look fresher, you can also put green plants in it. However, make sure that the presence of plants does not interfere with the overall function of the bathroom. Green plants make the atmosphere look different and natural. This element can be placed in the corner of the room or above the sink counter.

Always Clean The Bathroom

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom regularly. Due to humidity, the bathroom becomes a place for bacteria to thrive. If not cleaned, the accumulation of dust can also interfere with health.

Use a special tool to clean the bathroom down to the corner area. Do not forget to use a special cleaning fluid so that stains and bacteria die immediately. Establish a regular schedule for performing this task.

Well, here’s a brief review of the bathroom design guide that fits your needs. By having a healthy bathroom, you can also build good living habits from home. In addition, having a dream bathroom will make you more enthusiastic about maintaining personal hygiene.