Easy Home Renovation Tips Before Selling

Airdrenica.com – Getting a high price from the sale of a house is the hope of some people. To make this happen, many people renovate their homes before they are sold. So that the price of the house can cover the cost of repairs, you must calculate it in detail. Starting from the cost of raw materials, services, to finishing work.

Not only calculating in detail, you also need to apply the following tips when remodeling a house.

Decide Which Part You Want To Renovate

Home repairs do not need to be done as a whole; You can only do certain parts. Reporting from the fscb.com site, the parts that must be prioritized for renovation are the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Meanwhile, other parts are simply cleaned and tidied up to impress potential buyers.


Have you calculated the cost of kitchen renovations? If not, immediately make details of the funds so as not to lose. The reason is, the budget for kitchen renovations is the largest among other rooms.

Some people often think, the kitchen must be beautified by presenting a certain theme. However, it can be costly. So, the solution is to just repaint the kitchen walls.

Play with certain color accents that give a special impression. For example, if you want to create a modern minimalist impression, you should choose a monochrome color. For an ethnic impression, work around it with wood motifs on the kitchen floor or earth color accents on the furniture.


Small changes in the bathroom can help increase the value of the home. No need to make a total change to the bathroom because the cost is quite large. You only need to change the bathroom wallpaper, tiles, and clean the tub and toilet until they are shiny.

Living room

When entering your home, the living room becomes the first part that potential buyers visit. Starting from the living room, potential buyers will give an assessment of your occupancy. If the living room looks bad, it can certainly reduce the assessment of potential buyers.

So, it doesn’t hurt you to improve the living room by repainting the walls. In addition, the addition of a minimalist sofa and table can increase house prices automatically. If possible, also add a colored carpet that matches the wall paint.

Apply A Special Theme To The Interior Of The House

Some potential buyers often pay attention to the trending theme or style of the house. If you have enough funds, changing the theme of the dwelling can increase the selling price several times the standard value. Start by adjusting the lighting in the interior, such as using hidden lights to create a contemporary impression.

Then, from color, try using contemporary accents, such as monochrome, natural, and yellow for the walls. Meanwhile, the color of the floor can be dominated by brown tones with wood motifs. In addition, fix the door paint that has been worn by emphasizing modern colors.

After fixing the interior color, you can polish the furniture. If it needs to be replaced, start with the sofa, table, and shelves. Add a minibar or special table for making coffee to enhance the aesthetic value of the interior.

Choose Quality Materials

The materials chosen for home renovations before they are sold determine how good the results will be. If you choose cheap materials, of course the renovation results are not optimal. In addition, cheap buildings will incur greater costs when damage occurs. In this case, it is the buyer who will be harmed.

So, to get quality materials, you have to do a survey to several building shops. If you need cheap materials, look for returns. Usually, the quality of the returned goods is still good.

Repair The Roof Of The House

The majority of consumers pay more attention to the interior of the house than the roof. They often ignore the condition of the roof which is actually full of patches. However, as a seller, you must prioritize that part. This means that you are obliged to repair the roof, no matter how severe the damage.

After the roof of the house is resolved, also check the ceiling. Make sure the part is not cracked or lumpy. If using gypsum material, repaint it to make it look bright.

Customize Renovations With Available Funds

After drawing up a renovation plan, you should plan out the total budget. In preparing the budget, make sure there are no mistakes. The reason is, a little mistake can cause the selling price to not be able to cover the renovation costs.

If you need help with budgeting, the services of a contractor can help solve it. With the right budget, it is easier for you to determine the selling price. As a reference, you can take advantage of the Pashouses website which provides various information on the selling price of houses on the market.

Tips For Calculating Home Renovation Costs

Regarding the process of calculating the cost or price of home renovations, there are some important tips that you need to do, namely:

Make A Careful Plan

In every renovation process, you need to have careful planning. You can arrange the renovation plan by considering your needs and desired goals. For example, you will renovate the kitchen with the aim of making it more spacious and comfortable. You can start estimating the need for goods and materials needed.

Calculate The Area Of ​​Land And Buildings Carefully

Next, you also need to take into account the area of ​​land and buildings. This measurement is mandatory, closely related to the renovation process that you will do. After taking measurements, you can assess whether it is necessary to expand the building and land? Alternatively, you can adapt the renovation to the size of the land and building.

Prepare A Budget

You must also prepare a budget plan carefully. Usually, the calculation of the cost of home renovation is done on a per square meter system. So, you need to make sure that the existing budget is sufficient for each renovation process.

The thing you need to understand is that the renovation process does not have to be completed in one time. You can choose to renovate in stages taking into account the budget. Furthermore, you can continue the renovation process when additional funds have been collected.

Types Of House Renovation Costs

When calculating the price of home renovations, there are several important points that you must include, namely:

Land And Building Costs

The first type of cost is related to land and buildings. You will need to calculate these expenses when deciding to expand your land and residential buildings. The expenditure is intended for the purpose of buying land.

Material Cost

The next aspect that you must consider when carrying out home renovations is the material cost. Regarding the cost of the material, the price can vary greatly depending on the quality. For the convenience of the calculation process, you can consider using a full wholesale service.

When using a full wholesale service, the cost of materials is calculated together with the services of a handyman. For buildings that use materials with low quality but according to SNI, the cost is around Rp. 2.5 million per square meter. Meanwhile, the use of premium quality materials costs around IDR 4 million per square meter.

Labor Costs

The price of home renovations is strongly influenced by spending on labor costs. In the renovation process, there are 2 labor payment schemes that you can use, namely:

Daily handyman scheme. In this method, you need to calculate the cost of the handyman based on the working days. Quoted from the Architect’s Room, the cost of a handyman ranges from Rp. 125 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand per day. These fees may vary depending on the region. This expense can swell when the renovation process is slow.

Wholesaler scheme. In this scheme, you only need to calculate the payment for the entire renovation project. The cost ranges from IDR 1 million to IDR 1.5 million per square meter. So, the cost of the craftsman will increase based on the area of ​​the renovated building without being affected by the processing time.

Miscellaneous Expense

Not to forget, you need to prepare a budget for other costs. This fee is intended to overcome various things that could happen when working on a renovation project. For example, increases in material prices, changes in renovation design plans, and so on. The value of other costs that you can prepare is 10% of the total budget.

Well, that’s a complete guide that you can pay attention to when you want to calculate the cost of home renovation. Next, you need to make sure that the builders used in the renovation process are trusted personnel. That way, you will get quality workmanship. If the renovation results are good, you can sell the house at a high price.