Home Renovation Tips To Resell For Profit

Airdrenica.com – Housing is a fundamental need for everyone. However, there are times when we need to sell a house for some important reasons. For example, because they want to find a new atmosphere, look for a place to live close to their work location, and so on. Well, before selling it, you should renovate the house first so that the selling price is high even though it is not a new house.

A house in any form is a very profitable investment instrument, including an old house. The classic design of the old house has its own charm for some people. Don’t forget, you need to apply the right old house renovation method so that it can be sold at a high price.

Compiled from various sources, before doing home renovations, there are several important things that you need to prepare. Paying attention to the parts of the building that need to be renovated is a smart way to save on restoration costs. Some areas that need to be restored include toilets, kitchens, doors, floors, walls, and damaged parts.

Tips For Renovating An Old House

You need to know, mistakes in doing renovations, as mentioned by Kompas, can lower the selling price of the house. Therefore, there are some important tips that you need to pay attention to, regarding the renovation process, namely:

Set Renovation Priorities

In every renovation process, you must set a priority scale. This step is useful to ensure that the renovation project does not exceed the set budget. Even if the available budget is not sufficient, there are considerations to divide the renovation project into several stages.

Bring A Modern Atmosphere In The Room

Old houses don’t always have to look classic. You can also choose to bring a modern feel in the room. This is important, because a modern room can provide a sense of comfort for the residents of the house.

There are several ways to renovate an old house that you can do to give a modern touch to the interior. One example is using lighting in the form of LED lights. In addition, you can add plants to make the room more lively and colorful.

Take Advantage Of The Services Of A Wholesaler

When doing renovations, prioritize the choice of the services of a wholesaler. The use of the services of a wholesaler is relatively more efficient compared to a daily handyman. It’s just that, you also still need to make sure that the renovation project is carried out by paying attention to the quality of the material.

No less important, you need to make sure that the contractor you choose has a good track record. Moreover, old home renovation projects have a higher level of complexity compared to ordinary houses. If you choose the wrong wholesaler, you will get unsatisfactory renovation results.

Use Used Materials

To save costs, consider how to renovate an old house using used materials. Just make sure that the used material is still suitable for use. You can use existing used materials or buy them from an old house demolition project.

There are several types of used materials that you can use to renovate an old house, including:

  • Ceramic floor. Old houses usually use floors in the form of tiles. You can still use the tiles. For example, use tiles in the patio area or give a different accent to the family room.
  • Old furniture. The existence of old furniture in an old house should not be thrown away. Make repairs to the damaged parts and reuse the furniture.
  • Door and window frames. Old houses usually have high-quality door and window frames. It’s a shame you threw it away. You can clean and repaint so that the door and window frames look brand new.
  • Roof truss. Instead of using new tiles, you can still use old tiles. Similarly, the wood material used for the roof frame. However, you need to check and make sure that the wood is still in good condition and not rotten.

Keep The Old House Architectural Style

The main attraction of an old house is the architectural design. Moreover, if the house is a relic of the Dutch colonial era with a classic European style. Instead of changing its shape into a modern building, consider maintaining the original architectural design of the old house.

You can indeed bring a more modern building atmosphere in the room. You can also do home design customization, but don’t overdo it. Just make sure that there are no changes to the physical form of the old house. That way, the classic impression is still clearly visible in the building.

That’s a guide on how to renovate an old house that is important for you to pay attention to. In this way, you can sell your old house at a high price.

Things You Need To Do Before Remodeling Your House

You will make a lot of money from selling a restored house as long as you have careful planning. Here are some things you need to do before remodeling your house.

Determine The Point Of Renovation

When going to restore, you do not need to replace all parts of the house. Determine the points that you feel are no longer suitable for use. Some parts that are usually prone to damage are floors, walls, roofs, windows, and doors.

Knowing which parts must be restored can help financial planning later. That way, you can estimate what building materials need to be purchased and how much it will cost to build.

The narrower the expenditure allocated, the more profitable you are. Of course you want the selling price of the house to be more expensive than the cost of house renovation, right?

Survey To The Material Store

After knowing the building materials that need to be purchased, immediately conduct an estimated price survey to several stores. It is important to do price comparisons so that the budget can be narrowed. Meanwhile, make sure the building materials are of good quality.

Prepare A Budget That You Can Afford

Home renovations require funds. While you can minimize costs by doing a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, there are still materials to be purchased.

You can plan for these financial goals by saving or investing. Because the money that must be collected is not small, you will need time for the funds to be collected according to the target. Unless you happen to get a bonus and a prize in the form of money, allocate that income for home renovation needs.

Additional funds can also be generated from selling used furniture. If you feel you are no longer using it, don’t let it sit unproductive. Just sell it and the money can be used for an emergency fund during renovations.

As reported by Kompas, you can also buy recycled building materials so they are cheaper. There are many suppliers of recycled materials whose quality is still good. In essence, do the strategy for maximum savings on home renovation costs.

Use The Services Of A Contractor Or Handyman

By using the services of experts, home renovations can run more effectively. However, you need to prepare a budget to pay for their services. The advantage of using this service is that you can adjust the cost of the restoration according to your budget. That’s why you have to make financial planning as carefully as possible in order to get the best building materials.

If you feel qualified for this option, hiring a daily handyman could be an option. However, do in-depth research first about the budget and the advantages and disadvantages before calling a handyman.

Buy High Quality Materials

Often people are careless when buying materials. Most people are concerned with cheap prices without prioritizing quality. In fact, high-quality materials are not only expensive and from well-known brands.

However, if you have a big budget, there’s nothing wrong with buying materials from well-known brands for prestigious reasons. Why is it important to buy quality materials? The selling value of the house will increase if the quality of the building is also high.

Buying materials at a trusted building store should also be done. Compared to buying building materials at small retailers, you’ll get cheaper prices at large stores. Be good at bargaining with the seller to ask for a price discount.

Determine The Time For Renovation Work

In order for the restoration to be more effective, choose the right time if you want to renovate the house. Renovating during the rainy season will only slow down the restoration process. For this reason, do not carry out restoration during the rainy season so that the casting or painting of the walls dries quickly.

Use Minimalist Design

Minimalist design houses generally do not cost a lot. This one tip must be included in the recommendations to reduce expenses. Focus funding only on the fulfillment of materials for restoration only.

Prepare An Emergency Fund Just In Case

Even though you have budgeted, emergency funds are still needed to avoid debt or incomplete renovations. Set aside money from your income to put it into an emergency home renovation fund. Even if you have conducted a price survey, it is better to be on guard than not to be prepared for the worst.

Restoration Using The Concept Of Do It Yourself (DIY)

In order to save costs, these tips are recommended for home conditions that are still quite good. In this case, you will have to purchase restoration materials and do it yourself without the help of an expert. Even so, you should not be afraid to do DIY. Currently, there are many tutorials on renovating a house on the internet.

However, the drawback of this method is the use of a budget that can be larger than expected. Therefore, you need to really research the price so that the pocket doesn’t break.

Pay Attention To The Environmental Impact

We do not live in this world alone. Renovation activities will certainly have an impact, for example noise appears to pollutants generated from restoration materials. For that, convey the renovation plan to the neighbors.

Renovate This Section

Reporting from Investopedia and Forbes, it is not recommended for you to renovate the entire building because it will cost a lot. However, there are some parts that must be restored so that the selling value of the house will be high.

Basically, most people who intend to buy a used house will pay attention to sanitation, floors, building strength, and so on. Therefore, here are the parts that you must renovate.

Beautify The Walls Of The House

After years of being occupied, the walls of the house often experience fading of the paint color, scratches to dirt, or wallpaper that has been eaten by age. It is recommended that you repaint the walls in neutral colors so that they seem expensive and will attract buyers. Neutral colors will usually create a minimalist impression.

Before repainting, check the walls for cracks that need cementing. If the crack is large enough, you should first repair it with a mixture of sand and cement.

Repair Windows And Doors

Windows and doors as a place of entry and exit of air is very important you pay attention to when remodeling a house. Not to mention the wood which is the material for windows and doors is very likely to experience weathering. For that, make sure the feasibility of the doors and windows before selling the house. If it’s not beautiful, it’s a good idea to repaint it to make it look new and increase the selling value.

Refurbish Your Home’s Bathrooms And Toilets

Sanitation is the main thing that buyers look at when buying a house. However, the cleanliness of the sanitation area will affect the health of the occupants of the house.

So, check if the toilet is clogged and it’s time to vacuum the toilet, whether the faucet and floor are damaged, and other fundamental things.

Check The Flow And Water Quality At Home

Usually buyers will pay attention to the quality of the water in the house they are going to buy. In Indonesia, apart from direct drilling from the ground, the source of water is obtained from subscribing to PDAM. Water quality also has a major impact on the health of the occupants’ skin. So, make sure the water flows perfectly and the quality is suitable for use.

You Are Advised To Renovate The Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of a house, so don’t miss renovating this section. A common thing that is usually done is to repaint the kitchen cabinets and shelves to make them look clean and new. Walls and floors in the kitchen are also important to note. If it is cracked and there is dirt on the wall, repair it and repaint it with a new color.

Advantages Of Remodeling A House

When you want to renovate a house, do you need to consult an expert regarding this? If you want to minimize your budget, you can do independent research. On the internet there is so much information regarding what things need to be prepared before restoring a building.

However, if you want to get it right, consult an expert. In addition, consulting with experts in the field also provides a more mature and comprehensive view.

Launching from Sindonews, home restoration will be much more effective and efficient using an architect. They will assist with planning from design to cost of restoration from the outset. Of course, this will be coordinated according to the budget you have.

Another advantage is that the material selection by the contractor is clearly obtained from a trusted supplier. In terms of aesthetics, they tend to be more dominant than us.

Actually, you have to use an architect or not, depending on the condition of the house before it was restored. Massive home renovations are only intended if the building is old enough to live in. So, it is advisable to use the services of wholesale contractors and architects.

Tips For Choosing An Architect And Contractor

Renovating a house with the aim of reselling it will be cheaper if you use the services of a contractor. Apart from receiving it in order, the restoration time is also fairly effective and efficient. However, do not choose a contractor carelessly. Know the basics so you won’t be fooled by bogus contractor services.

Choose a contractor who is qualified, trusted, and experienced. Do some research on the internet and see what their track record is like. Usually, the higher the flying hours of the architect or contractor, the more expensive the price. That’s why financial planning is so important.

Next, prioritize the services of a contractor with a guarantee. To protect you from the unexpected, warranty plays a very important role. If the results of the restoration are not as agreed at the beginning, with the warranty you can claim a replacement.

Also pay attention to the ease of payment and the service system. Agree on a house renovation contract that is as clear as possible. Try this to anticipate fraud or a major force that may occur during the restoration.

Those are tips for determining contractors and architects that can be practiced later. However, if the cost is beyond your financial capacity, you can just hire a handyman. The classification of artisans is also divided into wholesale and daily workers. Just adjust it to your financing ability.