How To Increase The Value Of A House For Sale – A house is a property that has a relatively high investment value. The price also tends to go up every year. In fact, increasing the value of the house can be done in the simplest way, for example cleaning and repairing certain parts of the interior.

If you want your house to sell quickly, you have to spend a lot of money and take the time to completely renovate. Of course, the appearance of a perfect home can attract more buyers with different levels of offers.

So, how to increase the value of a house for sale? The following are ways that can be applied.

Tidy Up The Home Page

Start by arranging the yard near the entrance. Make the section look open, neat, and friendly. To do all that, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but the result is that the home page looks more well-groomed.

Arrange The Entrance

Does your house have cobblestone, brick, or cement walkways? You can beautify the path by planting flowers along the edges. Installing small lights or adding ornamental grass will also create a distinct impression for potential buyers.

Repair The Gate Or Fence

If the house has a fence, check its condition before selling. Make sure the condition of the turnstile is not off the rails, free of rust, and mildew. Also check the condition of the fence, whether it is in its original position or there is a part of the door that is down. If your fence uses wood, make sure it is free of termites.

Arrange The Grass And Plants

Grass can decorate the yard if it is trimmed. However, untreated weeds can interfere with the view. So you should trim the grass if it looks like it’s rising. Also, remove weeds that grow around ornamental plants or flowers.

Repairing The Kitchen And Bathroom

The kitchen is one part of the dwelling that can increase the value of the house higher than the market price. Most of the house renovation costs will be used to repair the part. This is in accordance with research data on the site: kitchen repairs account for 80 percent of the total renovation costs.

However, as much as 80 percent of the costs incurred will be fully returned if the house is sold. Therefore, present a special theme in your kitchen to make it look attractive. Some examples of themes that can be used are vintage, ethnic, and modern minimalism.

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom is also a special concern for potential buyers. To make it interesting, improve the bathroom by replacing the tiles. You can install a new toilet, add a sink, or a bathtub if needed.

Painting Interior Walls

Painting is a renovation activity that requires a small amount of money, but the results are impressive. You can repaint the walls of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. For the paint color, choose a neutral or green impression. Reporting from the site, the color tone is able to attract more potential buyers.

We recommend that you avoid choosing a paint color that is too bright, such as yellow, pink, or red. The reason is, the colors seem striking. Also, avoid dark colors, such as brown and dark blue.

Add Furniture

Home furniture that has been used for years must have undergone many changes, for example, the color has started to fade and some parts look dirty. If you want to increase the price of your home, you will have to replace old furniture with new ones. Then, add some contemporary equipment to create a modern impression in your residence.

Start by equipping kitchen equipment, such as replacing the refrigerator and toaster. If it’s cost-effective, you can buy a new dishwasher and fix the shower.

Clean The House Before Potential Buyers Come

Cleaning the house is the easiest way to make a home look attractive to buyers. Do the cleaning process a day or a few hours before potential buyers arrive. Activities that you can do, such as mopping the floor until it is shiny, sweeping, and cleaning window glass.

If you don’t have much time, you can hire a professional to clean the house. Prioritize the kitchen table which usually looks messy and dirty.

Best Time To Sell House

To find out the best time to sell a house, of course you have to understand the state of the property market at that time. Also consider selling the house near the end or the beginning of the year. If it’s the beginning of the year, many people prioritize crucial needs over buying housing. That is, this moment is not good for selling the house.

Well, as a reference, you can refer to the following moments.

Spring (March—May)

Spring usually occurs between March-May in countries located in Europe. At that time, the rate of search for homes was higher with property prices relatively expensive. According to Gavin Brazg through an article on The Advisory website, the price is also determined by the duration of the sale in the property market.

Gavin Brazg argues that the relatively short selling time during March could push the selling price higher. The average house is sold in just 57 days.

Unfortunately, spring cannot be used as a reference for property sales in Indonesia. However, spring which occurs from March to May coincides with the holiday season in Indonesia. Since the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, it’s best to avoid selling your home during these months.


According to The Washington Post, April to June is the best time to sell a home. The reason is, in April many companies issue bonuses to their employees. With the issuance of these bonuses, not a few employees are buying properties, including houses.

A similar incident also occurred in Indonesia with the issuance of a bonus called the 13th salary. Usually, the employee or employees combine the salary and the mid-year bonus (May) for property investment.

Current House Prices

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the property market was sluggish. Property prices in the market fell by 20%. To deal with this, many property developers reduce the building area according to market conditions that are in demand.

Then, in 2022, the property market looks to rise. There is an increase in property prices although not significant. For example a house, the price of this building can be higher as long as the quality of the material is maintained, the facilities are complete, and it is near a public location.

If you want to sell quickly, you have to offer it at a lower price than the market. However, make sure the price doesn’t hurt you.

Property Condition And Renovation Costs

What is the condition of the house you want to sell now? If it’s still dirty and a lot of parts are broken, you’ll need to fix it. This is because the state of the occupancy when offered is the first impression for consumers.

You can start with simple things to create an attractive first impression for consumers. For example, the gate is repainted, the grass is trimmed to make it look neat, and garbage is disposed of in its place. Thus, how long it will take for the house to sell depends on how quickly you do these simple things.

Home Location

The location of the house to be sold is often considered by consumers. Some consumers often choose a house with a car road. In addition, the distance of residence from public places and transportation is also taken into consideration.

The strategic residential location is also advantageous for the seller. The reason is, the more strategic the position of the house, the price of this property increases by 2-3 times.

The Completeness Of Document

When offering a house, prospective buyers will definitely ask about the completeness of the documents. To anticipate this, you must prepare the file before the sale. The files include a certificate, proof of payment for PBB, and an ID card of the property owner.

If the certificate document is in process, provide a replacement, such as a cover note from a notary or a deed of sale and purchase. For those of you who want to check the authenticity of the house certificate, BPN can help. This government agency will help prospective buyers to see the name of the actual certificate owner and the current state of administration of the property.