5 Mistakes When Selling A Home You Should Know

Airdrenica.com – Selling housing is not an easy matter, you have to make various efforts to attract consumers. Some efforts to attract consumers, for example, by posting photos of the best homes and providing affordable prices. However, there are mistakes when selling a house that some people make.

Even if it’s a small mistake, it can discourage potential buyers from visiting your house, even canceling the transaction. So, you should avoid the following mistakes when selling a house.

Don’t Renovate The House

Some people who sell used houses often ignore the cleanliness of their homes. They left the yard looking unkempt, the grass rising, and the walls covered with moss. The interior also looks worn because the paint has peeled off. In fact, some properties are starting to break down.

If you offer a home in these conditions, potential buyers will think twice about buying. Remember that, on average, they buy a house to live in, not sell it again in a short time.

So, it doesn’t hurt you to make small repairs, both on the exterior and interior of the house. For example, starting from repairing the roof, ceiling, water taps, to repainting the walls of the house.

Ignoring Selling Costs

Many home sellers think that selling costs nothing. In fact, that’s a big mistake that sellers often make. Instead, selling a home requires a budget for several cost components, such as agency commissions, taxes, notaries, and repairs.

Agent Commission

According to an article on the site ramseysolution.com, commissions for sales agents are usually about 6 percent of the total price of the home. For example, you set a house price of Rp. 100,000,000, which means that what is given to the agent is around Rp. 6,000,000.


The next cost is the building land tax (PBB) and Final PPh on the transfer of rights to the building. According to PP No. 34/2016, the Final PPh for buildings is 2.5 percent.

For example, you sell a house for Rp800,000,000 per unit. This means that the final income tax that must be paid is Rp. 20,000,000. Payment of the tax must be made before taking care of the deed at the notary.


If you want to attract potential buyers, make sure you provide a service for making a deed of sale or certificate. This means that the set selling price includes the cost of making the document.

Based on PP Number 24 of 2016, the notary fee borne by the seller is a maximum of 1 percent of the house price. So, to make a house certificate for IDR 800,000,000, the seller pays a notary service fee of around IDR 8,000,000.

Repair Costs

Not compiling repair or renovation costs is a mistake when selling a home that is often intentional by sellers. Many sellers consider these costs not a priority, even though they often consume a large part of the capital for home sales.

If you don’t have time to prepare a home improvement budget, use the services of a property consultant. That way, you can predict the selling price correctly and cover the renovation costs.

Do Not Use The Services Of A Property Agent

Do you feel confident selling your own house without a middleman? If selling casually, middlemen don’t really need to be. However, for those of you who want to sell quickly at a high price, the services of an agent are needed. This is because agent services have a wider network of buyers and price references according to the property market.

One of the online property agent services that you can use is Pashouses. This site provides home sales services in an easy, fast, and cash way. Click fill in the home sale form to display your property on the Pashouses website.

Excessive In Renovating The House

Renovating a house is indeed able to increase the selling value of housing more than the market price. However, fixing it excessively also burdens the sales process. The reason is, the more perfect the renovation results, the more expensive it will be. These costs will affect the selling price. Meanwhile, potential buyers may not necessarily be able to buy a house at a price according to your expectations.

Using Bad Photos

In addition to price, potential buyers will consider the appearance of the house. Before visiting the house in person, of course potential buyers want to see the photos. However, sellers often make the mistake of showing photos that are blurry, lacking in detail, and colors are not sharp.

If you can’t take pictures yourself, you can use the services of a photographer. So, even if your house is simple, with the right angle, it will definitely look attractive.

Too Many Personal Touches

Without realizing it, homeowners often provide a personal touch when doing renovations. Launching from Kompas, things that are too personal can actually reduce the interest of potential buyers.

This is especially true if the prospective buyer intends to renovate according to his own taste. Because that means, they have to pay the fee twice. One is for renovations carried out by the seller (even though it is not according to his wishes) and the other is for adjusting his taste.

Therefore, you should focus on renovating the house by focusing on its function. Repair the parts that you really judge less worthy of use. If you want to beautify too (such as repainting the walls), there’s nothing wrong as long as there are not too many personal touches.

Repair Only Partly

You do not have enough time or budget to complete all aspects of the house? If so, then you shouldn’t need to renovate when selling a house from the start. The reason is, prospective buyers can recognize the unfinished work and have a bad impression.

For example, there is one cabinet door in the kitchen set that is damaged and needs replacement. Instead of just replacing a door with a different design, it’s better not to repair it at all. Replacing one part will only give the impression that the other part of the kitchen set is ugly and needs to be replaced (and will cost more).

However, you do not mean to remain silent. It is better to convey the condition of the “deficiency” to potential buyers. It will feel more fair to both parties. In addition, potential buyers will become more comfortable and confident in transacting with you because of the openness.

Not Comparable To The Market Selling Price

Buying a house costs a lot of money. Therefore, everyone will be very careful to consider before deciding to process the contract. One of them is to compare prices according to the location and condition of the estimated house

As a seller, you must know very well what the right selling price for your home is. For example, you will sell a house type 36 in a strategic location in a developing city. The average selling value of a similar house in the area is IDR 400 million.

If you aim to sell the house for IDR 600 million with minor renovations, it will tend to be useless. Potential buyers will think again and again to glance at your home, especially if they really want to do the renovations themselves according to their wishes.

Minor Electrical Problems

Electrical installation is an important thing that should not be missed. However, you don’t have to spend extra effort and money to fix things that don’t have a big impact.

Don’t waste energy and money fixing minor electrical problems. Some examples are replacing dead sockets, loose plugs, and so on. This problem will not reduce the selling price of your home drastically.

Instead, make repairs if there is a serious electrical problem. For example, the electrical service panel that is very old, the cables are starting to peel, and so on are dangerous.

Even though they want a house that is ready to live in, not everyone who buys a house is 100 percent satisfied with the condition of their dream property. Therefore, you should not be too busy beautifying your home with major renovations to increase the selling price.

At the very least, just make sure that the house and parts in it still have a good function and are livable. Also pay attention to the suitability of the selling price of the house: fill out the form to find out the estimated property price.

Well, those are some things that don’t need to be renovated when selling a house. I hope this helps!