Tips For Preparing To Sell A House So That Your House Sells Quickly – Preparing to sell a house is not an easy thing. This is because the house is one example of property in the form of immovable objects. This immovable can be interpreted literally or in terms.

Literally, a house is an immovable property. Meanwhile, in terms of terms, a house has a higher value than movable property, such as cars, jewelry, and electronic devices.

A home certificate can be used as collateral to apply for a long-term loan or credit. This high value also presents certain challenges when it comes to selling it. Check out Pashouses’ description of preparing to sell this valuable asset.

Consider The Reasons For Selling The House

Summarized from Kompas, there are seven things that underlie the decision to sell a house. Are the following reasons strong enough for you?

Financial Problems

Financial problems are the most common reason for selling a house. Proceeds from the sale of a house can be used to share interests, such as education costs, health costs, business capital, or paying debts.

Changing Needs

A person’s need for a home can also change. For example, the owner of the house used to love swimming, but he was too busy to have time to use and clean his swimming pool. The existence of a pool that is not maintained eventually reduces the comfort of the house.

The Size Of The House That Does Not Meet The Needs

The number of family members is usually a consideration in determining the size of the house. Young couples need a bigger house when they have children. Meanwhile, couples whose children are grown and no longer live together will choose to move to a smaller house. The choice can also fall on the apartment to make maintenance easier.

Buying A New House

Not only because of changing needs, the decision to buy a house may also be based on a desire to increase prestige. People whose economic conditions improve or get promoted are very likely to want a more magnificent home to build an image of success.

The Condition Of The Damaged House

The condition of the damaged house can also be used as a reason to sell it. Instead of making repairs that cost money and time, selling a house is more practical.

Changing Environment

Over time, an environment can undergo changes. An environment that is an industrial area, too crowded, too quiet, jammed, and so on may no longer be in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner. Selling a house can be one solution.


A person’s move can also be based on job factors. Instead of having to rent a house, a person can sell his old house to buy a new one near his place of work.

The Challenge Of Selling A House

Once you’re quite sure about your reasons for selling it, you can proceed with preparing to sell your property by taking the following challenges into account.

Find A Trusted Partner

Has anyone expressed interest in your home? You need to be careful. Likewise if you use an intermediary. Trace their track record. Make sure that they have no intention of committing fraud.

Emotional Reasons

Whether happy or sad memories, home always holds memories. When you have prepared to sell property, try to get emotional reasons like this you have completed. Rest assured that in a new place you will make new memories.

Difficulty In Determining The Price

Determining property prices is not easy because there are several influencing factors, such as the physical condition of the building, location, road access, land conditions, etc.


Prepare yourself to incur additional costs when you want to sell the property. For example, administrative costs, brokerage commissions, house repairs, house cleaning, and moving transportation.

Preparing To Sell A House

Have you made up your mind to face various challenges? You can continue preparing to sell your property by following these tips from Forbes.

Survey Of House Prices In The Market

What is the easiest way to determine the price of a house? Do a house price survey on the market. Find information through various media, both online and offline. You can see the price of the house being marketed through the property company’s website, social media, or classified ads in the newspaper.

In addition, there is a more practical way, namely using the PAS Estimate feature. You can access the Pashouses web, then enter data on the location of the house, address, land area, building area, and year of construction. If you need a more specific price estimate, you can fill out the home sale form at Pashouses. Pashouses will provide a PAS Offer whose value can be outside the PAS Estimate due to factors that are specific to each house.

Set A Reasonable Price

Try to estimate the price of the house objectively, without an emotional assessment. Set a fair price lower and upper limit for your property. Thus, when your property is “thrown” into the market, the demand and supply mechanism will form the right price.

Surveys of house prices in the market really help you to determine a reasonable price. You can compare the price of a house with almost the same specifications as your house. Also consider the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland and buildings, the number of rooms, the model of the house, the condition of the building, and the location to increase or decrease the price.

Use The Services Of A Trusted Property Agent

There are two ways to sell your house: selling it directly or using an intermediary. If you have a lot of time and effort, you can sell it yourself by putting up a sign for sale in front of your house or placing an ad. This method has the advantage of saving additional costs because you don’t have to pay commissions to intermediaries.

Are you busy with work or are you in another city? Using the services of an intermediary can be a good alternative. Without having to be tired of negotiating with potential buyers, you just have to accept it’s done. If you have a deal, all you have to do is hand over to the new owner. Of course, you have to redeem this convenience with a commission that is not small.

In addition to considering the fees for commissions, you need to make sure that the realtor is trusted. Make sure they have experience in their field, have never been involved in a criminal case, and really understand the law of buying and selling property. At the very least, conduct interviews with 2-3 prospective property agents to determine which one is the best.

Clean The House And Tidy Things Up

The cleanliness and tidiness of the house is a very influential factor in the assessment and has the potential to increase prices. Do a total house cleaning. Get rid of items that are not used so that the house does not seem messy.

Also, keep personal items such as photos, memorabilia, trophies, posters, etc. Thus, potential buyers can objectively assess the house when conducting a survey.

If the budget is available, carry out home repairs. You don’t have to do a total renovation, just make minor repairs, such as replacing broken glass, replacing leaking tiles, and painting walls.

Painting the walls is the most common way because it really helps improve the appearance of the house. Moreover, Indonesia’s tropical climate causes paint to fade and peel easily. Use paint with neutral colors.

Improve The Appearance Of The Yard

In addition to the appearance of the front of the house, which is no less important is the appearance of the yard. However, the condition of the environment around the house will give the first impression even if you have not seen the condition of the house. A shady, neat, and clean yard will create a cool and beautiful atmosphere.

Improve the appearance of your yard by trimming trees that are too thick, cutting tall grass, trimming shrubs, raking dry leaves, and arranging scattered stones. This will avoid negative impressions, such as dirty and haunted.

Maximize The Use Of Social Media

While waiting for intermediary services to find potential buyers, you can help by marketing them through social media. There are various choices of social media that have their own characters and segments. This will affect the ad content that you create.

Through Instagram, you can create content in the form of photos or short videos of aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors that are added with relevant captions and hashtags. This will make it easier for potential buyers to search. Also consider how to convey information that is appropriate for the segment of the millennial age.

Facebook has a special Marketplace feature that facilitates free advertising. You can include item category and location filters for easy browsing. There is nothing wrong with offering your home in a home buying and selling group.

If video content is an option, you can take advantage of YouTube and TikTok. You can create home tour content to show the condition of the house. Use relevant keywords and music that is going viral on TikTok so that your video has the potential to enter FYP (for your page) so that many people see it.

Estimate Potential Gain Or Loss

When pricing a home, estimate the potential gain or loss. You should add the specified price with various costs incurred during the preparation process until handover. The following are the costs you need to consider to include in the price-forming components or reduce the selling price.

Sales Brokerage Commission

If using the services of a sales intermediary, the commission must be agreed in advance. The commission is usually a certain percentage of the value of the sale of the house.

Legal Registration Fee

So that the legality of buying and selling property is recognized, we need the help of a notary. The notary will manage the deed of sale and purchase and transfer the name of the land certificate. Also pay attention to the cost of stamps, transfers, witnesses, etc.

Home Improvement Costs

Doing minor repairs does not mean minimal costs. You need to take into account the price of paint and the craftsman’s fee if you want to repaint the house. Likewise, if you repair the yard, you need to take into account the gardener’s fees.

Moving Fee

When selling a house, you have two choices: to sell the house alone or with the furniture. If you’re only selling your house, you’ll need to consider the cost of packing and moving things.

Loans That Use Certificates As Collateral

When the house is going to be sold, it could be that the certificate is being used as collateral for a loan at the bank. The value of the debt that must be repaid will reduce the sales proceeds.

Understand Administrative And Tax Issues

Even if you are not in the field of law, you will need to find information about the legal basics of buying and selling. This will help you to be more alert if you meet a property agent or prospective buyer who does not follow the procedure.