10 Tips For Selling Second Homes At High Prices For Selling Fast

Airdrenica.com – A house is a promising form of investment. You can buy it relatively cheaply, then sell it for a higher price in the future. You can get a high level of profit if you have the ability to sell a second home at an expensive price.

In fact, not everyone has the ability to sell second hand houses properly. Instead of making a profit, the properties they offer don’t sell and end up being sold at low prices. In fact, with the right tips, you can sell them at high prices, you know.

Buyer Considerations In Choosing A Second Home

If you want to sell a second-hand house at a high price, first understand the needs and desires of consumers. You have to know why they need to prioritize the option of buying a second-hand house over a new building.

There are 5 main factors that underlie a consumer’s decision to buy a second home, namely:

1. The Selling Price Af A second Home Is Relatively Affordable

The first reason that makes consumers prefer second-hand homes over new properties is price. In every sale and purchase transaction, used goods have a relatively much cheaper price than new goods. Provisions like this still apply in the process of buying and selling second homes.

The choice in buying a second home can be more varied than a new building. In addition, buyers can also adjust the selling price of second-hand houses according to financial conditions. That way, buyers can be more efficient and at the same time fulfill the desire to have their own residential building.

2. The House Can Be Directly Occupied

The next advantage that makes a buyer prioritize the choice of a used house is that they can occupy it directly. A former house is a building that has been occupied by the previous owner. The property is also equipped with various important supporting facilities, such as electricity, water, and so on.

The situation can be somewhat different than when buying a house in new condition. Buyers need to apply for electricity, water, or internet installation. In practice, the application process can take a long time. At the same time, buyers also need to pay extra for the installation process.

3. Strategic Location And Established Environment

New houses in housing complexes are generally located in suburban areas. So, buyers will have difficulty when accessing the city center. In addition, the environment around the residence is also still not formed and even tends to be very quiet.

The situation will be inversely proportional when the buyer chooses to buy a second home. The former house has a strategic location. It is no less important, the buyer will get a residential environment that has been formed.

Buyers can find various public facilities that can be easily reached from the location of the used house. In addition, the occupied building also has neighbors on the right and left. That way, buyers will have no difficulty adapting to the new environment.

4. Price Is Negotiable

The selling price of second-hand houses is uncertain. This means that the buyer has the opportunity to make an offer. Moreover, if the buyer is dealing with the home owner directly. In this situation, the buyer has the opportunity to negotiate by considering various factors, including their respective budgets.

5. Lots Of Bonuses

The final advantage is that buyers have the opportunity to earn various bonuses. The most frequent bonus is land with a fairly large size. Second-hand houses usually stand on a large area and there is some remaining land which you can then use according to your needs.

In addition, sometimes buyers can also get bonuses in the form of household furniture. They can get this situation when the seller decides to sell the second house for reasons of moving to a new place. Sellers have difficulty transporting different types of furniture and choose to give them to buyers.

It is also possible that buyers can also deal with second-hand house sellers who need money urgently. In this situation, the seller does not only offer a house at a low price. They will also provide attractive bonus accessories, including various furniture in the house.

Tips For Selling A Second Home Quickly And Profitably

By paying attention to the various reasons why buyers choose second-hand houses over new buildings, you as the seller can offer a solution. At the same time, you also have to make sure that your used house can be sold at a high price and you don’t have to wait long.

There are 6 important tips that you can practice to be able to sell used homes at high and fast prices, namely:

1. Set A Competitive Price

When selling a used house, don’t be careless in fixing the price. The selling price of second-hand houses that are too high makes buyers reluctant to approach. Homelight.com revealed that setting prices too high is the biggest mistake of home sellers.

As a seller, you certainly hope that the used houses that are sold can provide high profits. Therefore, you set it at a high selling price. In that situation, the house you are selling will not sell well. Instead, choose to set a competitive selling price.

To find out competitive second-hand house prices, you can start doing a little research on the market. There are various ways, for example, you can ask a property agent in the surrounding area. In addition, there are also considerations for using the internet as a means of price surveys.

2. Arrange The House Well

When selling a used house, you need to fulfill the buyer’s desire for a comfortable place to live. Therefore, you need to arrange each room well. Don’t forget, make sure you get rid of personal items, such as personal items, family photos, and the like.

A good room arrangement allows buyers to move around the house freely. Therefore, get rid of unnecessary items. Too many items make the room feel cramped. As a result, buyers will not get a good impression of the house.

Cleaning a house does take time and money. However, there is an interesting fact, a well-organized house has the potential for high selling prices. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveals that well-groomed homes sell 88% faster and you can get 20% higher selling prices.

4. Beautify The Exterior Appearance Of The House

If you want to sell a used house quickly and the price is high, try to beautify the exterior appearance. This effort is very important to create a positive first impression in the eyes of buyers. The appearance of a good house can make buyers interested in seeing the inside of the building.

There are several steps you can take to enhance the exterior appearance of a used house, including:

  • Paint the house. The walls of the house with peeling paint make the selling price go down. Therefore, you can choose to paint the exterior of the house with new paint.
  • Planting plants. The next way is to plant plants. The presence of plants gives the impression of a beautiful home. In addition, the house also looks cool.
  • Cleaning the house. What happens if the house for sale looks dirty, full of cobwebs, and lots of garbage? Buyers think that the house is an abandoned building that has not been inhabited for a long time.
  • Wash windows. Cleaning the windows of the house should not be missed. Dusty windows can make a bad first impression in the eyes of buyers.
  • Replace the damaged lamp. No less important, replace the damaged lighting.

5. Make Repairs

Imagine when you were in the position of a used home buyer. You certainly want a house that is really ready to live comfortably, right? That means you don’t have to spend extra to fix this and that. As a result, spending is only intended for buying and selling used houses.

To accommodate these needs, you as a seller can first make home improvements. The repair process does not have to be massive. Instead, simply fix the parts that can be completed in no time and have a negative effect on the appearance of the house.

For example, you can make improvements to several areas including:

  • Perforated or cracked ceiling
  • Leaking drains or faucets
  • Wall paint peeling off
  • Broken door handle
  • and so forth

In addition to making physical improvements to the building, consider also offering a home sales package with furniture in it. To make the offer look attractive, you can make repairs or even add new furniture in the house.

6. Offer Interesting Gimmick

As a home seller, you need to provide convenience and comfort for buyers. The goal, so that buyers are interested in making transactions. You can do this by offering various types of gimmicks. There are many gimmicks that you can give, including:

  • The selling price of second hand house is negotiable
  • Assistance with the process of changing the name or certificate
  • Price discount
  • and so forth

7. Sell ​​At The Right Moment

When selling an item, you need to choose the right moment. Mistakes in choosing the time to make the goods you sell do not sell well. This situation applies to all kinds of goods, including second-hand houses.

There are several types of moments that you should avoid if you want your house to sell at a high price, including:

  • Before the holidays. At this moment, the number of requests for used houses decreased. People’s focus is not on the desire to buy a house, but on celebrations. Due to the low level of demand, the selling price of the house will decrease.
  • School entry season. At this moment, parents focus on their children’s school needs.
  • Rainy season. When entering the rainy season, the level of demand for water has decreased. The main cause is the reluctance of the community to carry out activities outside the home.

By considering the various tips that have been mentioned, anyone has the opportunity to make big profits when selling a used house. Moreover, there is currently a trusted online home buying and selling platform.